let us turn your Microsoft document into a professional piece of work

Businesses are creating Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and staff use these applications as their tools of trade.  Mostly, people have received little or no training in these applications, particularly when systems have been updated or new technology has been introduced. 

With Document Magic, you can learn how to fix your documents or we can fix your documents for you.

Are your Word documents giving you grief?

We can provide quick and cost-effective solutions to document problems in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

Do you struggle with Excel?

We can provide advice on your spreadsheet or provide training for your staff.

Are your Powerpoint presentations taking forever to format?

Learn the secrets of simple PowerPoint or get us to fix them for you.

Let's get your documents formatted professionally!

We provide on-site training or we can do the work for you!

Need advice?

If you want advice on sorting out your Word problems, the document fix page has more information.

If you need better templates for the longer term, we can create simple, easy to use templates and precedents for all types of organisations.

If you need training in how to set up and use your documents, the Word trainingExcel training and PowerPoint training pages have more information.

We also provide proof reading and editing and document conversion services.

Need on-site training?

On-site training is cost-effective solution for business. My rates are very competitive compared to the cost of sending even two staff members to a public course.

Why pay classroom prices when I can come to you and provide customised training at a fraction of the cost?

Your staff will not be away from the office. Staff can be productive at work during the breaks and before and after training. There are no travel costs for the staff to attend training.