We help you with Microsoft Excel training

All organisations can benefit from staff training. A small investment in training will lead to:

  • shorter turnaround times for document and correspondence preparation; and
  • staff feeling less frustrated and more productive.

We specialise in customised, on-site training. So, we will come to your worksite and train your staff when it is convenient to you. Training is tailored to suit your workplace needs.

Our training focuses on using Excel’s features efficiently—how to set up and work with your documents so your document looks the way you want faster.

  • A copy is provided during the training, but you can get our Excel keyboard shortcuts here.

What is covered in training?

Why on-site training?

On-site training is cost-effective. Our rates are very competitive compared to the cost of sending even two staff members to a public course.

Why pay classroom prices when a trainer can come to you and provide customised training at a fraction of the cost?

Your staff will not be away from the office. Staff can be productive at work during the breaks and before and after training.

There are no travel costs for the staff to attend training. Training is scheduled for dates and times convenient to your organisation.

Why customised training?

With public courses, you get generic training in a set list of topics. Our training will be customised for your organisation and targeted to your workforce.

You can advise us of the topics you would like to cover or we can suggest a course outline for you.

We can conduct a free training needs analysis if required.

(Copies of) your documents can be used in the training session. And we may very well improve the documents during the training!

Single students

For single students, we offer a 20% discount on our rate, which still makes our training more cost effective than paying for a public course.

If you do not have a workplace suitable for the training, we can suggest alternative venues.

Our training background

Our trainers have formal qualifications, including Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. 

They are highly experienced as trainers and have spent most of their working lives dealing with large complex documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Our clients say

"Love what you have done, love what you have changed, love what you have seen vision with … Thank god someone thinks like me."
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